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The Law Office of Eric R. Brown focuses on providing smart and caring legal services to small businesses and individuals facing the uncertainties of workplace and business disputes. With special attention paid to the medical, hospitality, public safety, and small manufacturing industries, we find sensible resolutions to conflicts that can otherwise seem chaotic.

When you are faced with a difficult, frustrating, or at times frightening legal dispute, you don’t need to succumb to the drama or the emotion. Those are just distractions that remove you from your success. You want to get back to doing what you do well. You want to do what makes you successful.

My law office’s approach is to take the problem out of your hands, and to address it professionally and responsibly with a goal of finding an efficient resolution that meets your needs. Legal disputes are not about the fight. They are about finding the right result for you.

During my career I have learned that I am adept at finding resolutions to problems through insightful negotiation. By listening to my client and the opponent, I can find ways to craft resolutions that the parties may not have thought about, but that suit their desires.

But if a resolution cannot be negotiated, I have shown time after time that I can prove my client’s case and help my client get the outcome that is just.

I do what I do because I believe in the dignity associated with work, and I value the success that comes from hard work. I think everybody should have the opportunity to understand that value. By focusing on the legal issues that arise in the workplace I can help individuals and small businesses find their success and remove the distractions of workplace disputes.

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