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At Panera Bread, we’re changing the food industry from the inside out.

With our newest initiative, Food Interrupted, we take a look at food topics to help you make informed eating decisions. This six-part series explores whole grain servings, plant-based diets, ingredient transparency, animal welfare, sugar consumption and clean eating. Here are ways we at Panera are helping you to make more informed food choices in your lives:

1. Grains Interrupted: We believe that whole grains are a better way to do bread, so we began labeling servings of whole grains and % whole grain in our bread, and added 6 whole grain options to our menu.
2. Plants Interrupted: We believe plant-based eating can have a positive impact on people’s health and the environment, so we offer plant-based options across our menu.
3. Sugar Interrupted: We believe you should have the information you need to balance your sugar intake. We started with beverages, offering lower sugar options and labeling added sugar right on your cup.
4. Eggs Interrupted: We believe an egg should be an egg, and nothing else. Join us for breakfast and taste the difference for yourself.
5. Meat Interrupted: We believe responsibly raised meat is better for the animal, environment and consumer. Always try to order and shop for humanely-raised meat.
6. Clean Interrupted: We believe clean means free of artificial sweeteners, flavors, preservatives and colors from artificial sources.

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