KBE Building Corporation Awards $18,000 in Scholarships to 12 Connecticut Technical High School System’s Graduates

Farmington, Conn. (12 June 2019) – There are an estimated 500,000 construction jobs open and begging to be filled in the US today – with more than 40,000 of those available in Connecticut alone, according to recent industry statistics.

Construction companies and clients alike are feeling the impact of a decreasing workforce as project schedules taking far longer to complete due to competition for trade skilled worker.

One area construction firm – KBE Building Corporation – has been doing its part since 2014 to encourage Connecticut’s youth to pursue careers in the design and construction industry.  KBE awards scholarships annually to graduating seniors at Connecticut’s Technical High School system, with $71,000 awarded to date.

This year’s awards totaled $18,000, given to 12 technical high school students. The funds will help the students pay for the costs of post-high school education programs in the building design and construction industry. These include trade certification classes for licensure
as well as 2- and 4-year degree programs in construction management, architecture,
interior design, and engineering.


“The number of young professionals pursuing degrees and certifications in the construction trades is declining and we wanted to support those students who aim to advance their
skills in these fields, as well as students pursuing programs in construction management, architecture, and engineering fields,” explains Robert Dunn, Esq., senior vice president of KBE Building Corporation. “As a company, we place a high value on education and mentorship, and these scholarships are a way for us to help Connecticut to grow and maintain a highly skilled construction workforce. We have an intrinsic responsibility to help develop the future workforce of the design and construction industry.”

This is the fourth year that KBE has awarded scholarships to the state’s technical high school
students, and to date, has provided $71,000 in awards to 99 students.

“One of the reasons that we do this is to not only encourage people to come into our industry
because we need good quality, skilled people,” said Mr. Dunn while addressing the students at the awards ceremony on June 11, 2019 at Farmington Gardens in Farmington. This year’s awardees represented 11 towns and cities throughout Connecticut.

“I can’t stress how important the trade industry is; how important these jobs are to the State of
Connecticut,” stated Conn. State Representative Joseph Polletta (R), District 68, who also attended the presentation ceremony. “There’s a need for this line of work in our state. The more we promote it, the better.”