Life Family Chiropractic Ribbon Cutting Celebration

Our Chiropractic Is focused on caring for the Atlas, to Restore the Body’s Innate Healing Power, to transform lives, and to Unlock Human Potential!

The atlas is the first cervical vertebra of the human spine. It encircles the brain stem and acts as a suit of armor protecting the central nervous system. When the integrity of that barrier is compromised, it could lead to catastrophic, system-wide failure. Disorders, disease, and a devastating reduction in quality of life. Most people don’t even know it’s happening to them. A simple non-invasive neurologic scan can determine if there is any compromise to the brainstem.

Dr. Jessica Quintero-Villa oversees all aspects of chiropractic care in our Farmington office. Having suffered with a debilitating medical diagnosis as a young girl, she is highly motivated to assist those who have not been able to find answers for their difficult health problems.

LFC is an affiliate office to Judson Family Chiropractic in Newington and Koster Family Chiropractic in Avon.